Cobra Kai never dies...

Cobra Kai

Resurrected after more than 30 years as a series, Karate Kid is back again this year and more than likely next year too! For the greatest pleasure of all the fans of the series.

It must be said that the scriptwriters and producers do not skimp on the means. Already in the first two seasons, the story line had been skilfully led. In the third season, which was released this 1er January 2021, we could see with what ease Ralph Macchio and William Zabka had succeeded in resuming their roles of eternal antagonists. Between the Cobra Kai and the Miyagi-do, there is always a tangle. Especially if a third dojo joins the dance: the Eagle Fang, regrouping the disappointed Cobra Kai.

A season 4, really?

This is what Netflix announced following the success of the third season. A new opus that should see the light of day by the end of the year. Finally, fingers crossed that the studios can shoot as usual.

In an interview, Ralph Macchio, who plays the role of Daniel LaRusso, confided that he was enjoying his role again, that he saw the enthusiasm of young people and that he hoped to continue as long as the success is there.

The return of Ali promises a season 4 of Cobra Kai full of twists and turns

What surprises can we expect?

At the end of season 3, we discovered (finally) Ali, the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and the apple of the discord between the two enemy brothers. Of what to arouse the curiosity of the televiewers, but which will also make it possible to advance the characters in their history.

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We may also find Tamlyn Tomita, the interpreter of Kumiko or Nichole Brown who plays Aisha Robinson.

All this, against the backdrop of the preparation of the All Valley tournament that everyone is waiting for!