Cobra Kai season 5 : the opinion of the internet users

Cobra Kai season 5

Season 4 had left us a little suspense, but had revealed some elements of season 5. This season has also seen the return of some stars of the past... Since we must not forget that the basic material of the series are the movies Karate Kid.

So, in addition to Johnny Lawrence, Kreese and Terry Silver, a newcomer from Cobra Kai makes his entrance: Mike Barnes. That said, the years have been good to him and he no longer necessarily shares Terry Silver's teachings.

Cobra Kai season 5, Chosen arrives

Alongside Daniel, we see Chosen evolve in a more recurring role. He acts as Daniel's confidant, henchman, and defender, while Daniel is still battling Terry.

Terry, on the other hand, continues his plan for Cobra Kai to dominate the whole valley. Finally... it is what Daniel believes, because Terry sees much larger.

For 9 and a half episodes, the tension rises between the protagonists before the big final fight. This time, there are no more referees to keep score. And even less referees bought.

What did subscribers think of the last ten episodes? Here are some of their feelings:

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