Disney+ pays for the Marvel Comics Universe series


A few years ago, when Netflix reigned as the sole master of streaming, superheroes had appeared in the catalog. These were Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, the amazing Punisher and the lesser known The Defenders and Iron Fist.

As history was made, the MCU fell into the lap of Disney, which took the opportunity to launch a complete catalog on Disney+. But it lacked these series produced by Netflix and which offered a very nice alternative at the time.

So it seemed logical to see these series return to the MCU so that the whole universe could be brought together in one place.

It's now done... Or almost. Indeed, this June 29th, Disney+ will put online these 6 series for its subscribers to watch.

For Netflix, it is a departure from the catalog that hurts since it is the platform itself that had revived the machine. But on the other hand, these series have been profitable for a long time. And above all, it's been years since any new season was released...

So, for the subscribers, it gives them hope. Maybe new series and / or seasons will come out, knowing that Luke Cage had been cancelled to the great despair of its fans! It would not be the first time that a series is relaunched after a buyout, such as Lucifer or The Expanse,

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