Dopesick, a series about a health scandal


Dopesick could be translated as "drug addict" and that's exactly the thread it exploits for its storyline. This series, even if it appears on Disney+, is first and foremost an original Hulu production.

The script is based on one of the biggest pharmaceutical stories in the United States. The story of oxycodone! For those who do not know this "miracle" product, oxycodone is often used today to wean patients addicted to opiates. Because this drug offers all the advantages of opioids without having the harmful effects. So it's a miracle... Except that in order to better sell its product, Purdue Pharma has embellished the benefits of its new drug, OxyContin.

After the product was validated by the FDA, OxyContin arrived on the market and doctors began to prescribe it. Little by little, it is realized that there is a frequent overdose, but also that the non-addictive character is doubtful. Several investigations will start from these alarms which sound everywhere in the country of Uncle Sam. The storyline stretches from the end of the 90's to 2010, even if the history of OxyContin does not stop at that date.

This is primarily an American story. In 2017, there were still 64,000 accidental deaths related to its use. In France, the product is strictly monitored and is only used in a few cases. But it is also a bit the tree that hides the forest of opiates...

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To shoot the series, Hulu had called on Michael Keaton who shines in his role. We also find some familiar faces like Michael Stuhlbarg and Rosario Dawson. The first episodes of the series are available since November 12, the following episodes will arrive weekly. For those who like movies related to the pharmaceutical world, there is also the movie Sweet Girl.