Dynasty, the series persists and signs a season 5


There are series that are unstoppable... Beverly Hills, Dallas, but also Dynasty. If you think that the genre is reserved for the elderly who do not know what to do with their afternoon, you should be mistaken. Dynasty has managed to make a comeback. Thanks to Netflix and a younger audience that is hooked with the new concept.

It must be said that everything is done to make the series successful. The mechanics and scenarios are adapted to a younger audience, which seeks series with conflicts in families, money and incidentally a pinch of delirium. But above all, we must congratulate the CW channel in the United States that manages to release successful programs with consistency since The 100 without forgetting Flash and the Arrowverse.

Dynasty manages to mix all these elements. So it's no surprise that the series has been renewed for a fifth season. This season is due to arrive in the Netflix catalog this September 24. However, we will have to console ourselves after the 22 episodes, because this is the last season. Then, Dynasty and its rocambolic characters will draw their bows.

But rest assured, intrigue, betrayals and luxury will always be at the rendezvous of this final season. Moreover, it will be the occasion for the series to push another title, Melrose Place, thanks to many appearances and crossover. For those who have not yet seen this series, it will be the opportunity to launch into a new adventure!

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