Echoes, an Australian suspense series


The programs offered by Netflix this summer are legion. You just have to look at the catalog to see how many new ones there are and in very different styles. Near the Assumption, the Australian series Echos is released, which will echo a genre slightly forgotten in recent weeks ...

Indeed, the series is classified as a psychological thriller, a la Harlan Coben. To propel the whole, the series plays on the twin nature of two sisters. Since they were little, they have had fun exchanging their personalities and their lives. They pretend to be each other all the time. So much so that they share their homes, their husbands and a child.

But their well-trodden path collapses the day one of the twins disappears, leaving the other alone with two lives. Does this disappearance have anything to do with the secret they share? Nothing suggests it and the remaining twin will put all her heart into finding her lost half...

In the cast, we find two actors known for their talents. Michelle Monaghan who plays the role of the twins Leni and Gina. She has already been seen in True Detective and Gone baby Gone. To give her the line, Matt Bomer. The actor played the lead role in the series FBI Very Special Duo and Magic Mike.

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The series is released this August 19th on Netflix!


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