Elite, season 5 is coming

Elite season 5

It's already been a year since season 4 of Elite is out. It is therefore logical that Netflix announces the release of season 5. The date chosen is April 8, 2022; date from which aficionados can dive back into the stories of Las Encinas. We remember, to make us wait, Netflix had proposed mini series on each character.

Season 4 ended with the resolution of the different enigmas of the historical arc. For this fifth season, we imagine that everything will start again with a new twist. But let's be reassured, the main actors will still be there! To these will be added new arrivals who should come to upset the fragile balance that exists in this high school reserved for the elite.

When we see the first trailer, we immediately understand that there will be no limits! It remains to be seen how each of them will manage to get by, in their personal and love stories, but also to succeed on the school benches. Because the year is far from being won for all these young people!

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