Empire, a series that smells like hip hop

empire series

Empire is available on Disney+ Star starting August 25. This is not an original series or a brand new program. In fact, the first season dates back to 205. But with 6 seasons under its belt, it didn't end until 2020.

And as the producing channel was Fox, Disney was happy to add the series to its online streaming catalog. Logical, Fox belongs to Disney since 2019...

In this series, the hero is called Lucious Lyon. For 15 years, he has been reigning supreme in the world of hip-hop, he is one of the richest American rappers and owns his own record company, Empire Entertainment. And if this life suits him very well, his world is brutally shaken by the announcement of his doctor. He is suffering from Charcot's disease. He must therefore plan his succession. A succession that, we suspect, will not be the easiest.

The presumed heirs are his two sons, Hakeem and Jamal, brilliant artists with budding careers. But behind them is Andre, a businessman with sharp fangs who intends to take over the father's business. And that's without counting Lucious Lyon's girlfriend, or even his ex-wife who has just been released from prison! In short, it's enough to make a mess of a flourishing empire.

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The series includes a lot of American rappers. They represent a good part of the cast. Among the hardcore actors, we find Taraji Henson, who could be seen in Person of Interest, or Benjamin Button. The role of Lucious Lyon is given to Terrence Howard whose filmography is impressive: Iron ManAugust Rusk, Collision, Big mamma, etc.