In September, Viking arrives on Salto

viking salto

Viking is a series that has created a stir on social networks. The streaming giants have therefore thrown their weight behind the different seasons. It is Salto's turn to do the same by adding, from September, the entire first 5 seasons, as well as part of the sixth season.

It must be said that the series has been popular since its launch in 2013. It is one of the few to offer a focus on this Nordic civilization, what it brought and what it created. For the Vikings are not the raiders described in the history books. They were farmers, explorers, outstanding navigators and proud fighters.

Ragnar Lodbrock lands on Salto

The first seasons focus on Ragnar Lodbrock. A legendary character whose existence cannot be attested. His brother Rollo is more famous, since the series makes him the famous Rollon. He became a Frankish duke to protect the mouth of the Seine. Ragnar is played by Travis Fimmel. At the end of two seasons, he gives way to his offspring, the excellent Alexander Ludwig; as well as to his brothers, more or less sane.

If we allow the series some uchronies, it is because it convinces by its realism and its realization behind the camera.

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Finally, for those who are impatient to have the denouement of the series, you will have to wait a little bit since the end of the sixth season is not yet available in France. Anyway, there are some episodes to watch first!