Entrevias, the Spaniards strike again


When we talk about Spanish series, we know that we can deal with really heavy. Indeed, between the global success of La casa de papel, White Lines, Elite, and all the others, it is difficult to argue otherwise. At the end of the month, it is the turn of Entrevias to enter the catalog of Netflix.

That said, this is not a first for the series since it has already been a hit on the Spanish channel Telecinco.

The series takes place in the Entrevias neighborhood, in the suburbs of Madrid. We follow Tirso Abantos, a former soldier. He is now in charge of a hardware store and his daily life is far from what he knew. Everything is quiet.

Until the day when a woman, of Vietnamese origin, enters her store and says she is her granddaughter. This completely upsets his daily life, especially since Irene is far from being disciplined. She even manages to convince him to fight against the delinquents of the district in company of Ezequiel, a dirty cop.

In the trailer, some will recognize familiar faces. One of them is José Coronado. The man has already been in Permit to Live (Vivivre sin permiso), as well as Felipe Londoño. In fact, the atmosphere of the series is reminiscent of Permit to Live.

Currently the series has a season of 8 episodes that will soon be available on Netflix. In addition, there is a second season, already broadcast on Telecinco, but Netflix has not yet obtained the rights!

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