Fakes, the teen series of the month of September


Fakes is a teen series that exploits an essential part of adolescence in North America: fake IDs. How many times have we seen, in the movies, young people trying to get a fake ID in order to buy alcohol? Well, this series offers a fictional answer!

So this is the story of Becca and Zoe. The two friends start making fake IDs. We quickly understand that this little business has become a real industry that has made them earn a lot of money. All that's left is to spend it... And what better way to do it than from a downtown penthouse?

Except that the FBI gets involved and takes them away. One is quickly released, the other stays in jail. As the saying goes, the first one to talk saves his skin.

From there, a rivalry is born and each one tries to draw the cover to justify its actions.

Obviously, we remain in fiction. Nothing is based on real facts, except that there is a fake card business, but nothing clearly institutionalized.

The series offers 10 episodes for this first season and has an interesting cast. Among the actors, we find Emilija Baranac (RiverdaleTo All the Boys I've Loved), Richard Harmon (The 100) and Jennifer Tong (Legends of Tomorrow). The series is available since September 2nd.

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