Fear Street : the opinion of the internauts

Fear Street

Netflix wanted to mark the beginning of the vacations with a horror series inspired by the books of R.L. Stine. In this adaptation, the viewer is plunged into a small provincial town where strange things are happening. They happen today, of course... But when you dig a little, these cases are not isolated and have already happened in the past. This is what the second and third parts of the series tell us, taking place respectively in 1978 and 1666.

This series was intended to spearhead the Netflix catalog in horror for the summer. The genre being appreciated by many subscribers of the platform, it intended to keep them loyal.

The trailers and teasers promised us a lot. But 3 weeks after the release of the third part of the series, did it meet the expectations? Or, on the contrary, did it disappoint the public?

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