Flash, season 6 is coming to Netflix

flash season 6

He's one of the longest-running superheroes on Netflix. This month sees the release of the sixth season on the platform as The CW is already in its eighth production on its channel.

In previous seasons, Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash has had plenty of time to learn to master his powers. He has fought super villains just as fast as him, but it's always his team of friends that allows him to emerge victorious, even when he's a little slower. This was, for example, the case against his nemesis Savitar, the God of Speed incarnated by an alternative Barry Allen.

This 19-episode season promises to be just as exciting. The major turning point of the season is the advancement of the date of Barry's demise. While it was scheduled in 2024, it is now advanced to December 10, 2019. Team Flash will have to work to understand the reasons of this advancement, but also do everything to avoid it.

And all this while they're dealing with other bad guys. Bloodwork, an old friend of Caitlin's with a serious illness, the Black Hole group, or the disappearance of the Speed Force.

In short, little rest for our friends of Team Flash during this season. And for the viewer, a lot of twists and turns and suspense. Of course, humor and love are always present with side stories between the main characters of the series.

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