Ginny & Georgia : the opinion of the internauts

ginny and georgia

This brand new series has been airing on Netflix since February 24, 2021. No suspense, season 2 is already planned, even if we have to be content with the 10 episodes of season 1 of Ginny & Georgia for the moment.

In this comedy-drama, we find Georgia, her daughter Ginny and her son Austin. Her husband has just died in an accident and she inherits his fortune. Resourceful and no longer having a rich husband, she takes an interest, as a disconsolate widow, in the mayor of the town where she has just settled. It is Paul Randolph, played by Scott Porter (seen in Scorpion), who is mayor of Wellsbury. On their side, the children also have a busy life...

At the moment, the series seems to be well received if we believe the comments of the subscribers.

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