Glow Up : the opinion of the internet users

Glow Up Notice

Glow Up is an English expression that means "to shine." Especially for skin tone, but in this case, on the front of the stage as well. Because the British reality show is exploiting a new niche: makeup.

From the first episode, we already know the principle: a series of candidates (here, make-up artists), judges and an imposed theme. And at the end, a job as an assistant to an influential person.

We won't hide it, the show uses the great television codes that allow to maintain the suspense... A timer, stress, catastrophes, charismatic and demanding judges. Each episode sees the elimination of a candidate following a test. In the end, we don't see the episodes go by. While there are still 2 seasons available, produced by the BBC, since late 2019.

According to the comments, the program still receives a lot of positive reviews:

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