Halston, Netflix recruits Ewan McGregor for its fashion series


Halston, or rather Roy Halston Frowick, is an American fashion figure. His rise was as fast as his fall, and we discover it from this May 14 on Netflix! With an Ewan McGregor who succumbed to the sirens of Netflix for this new series produced by Ryan Murphy.

The pitch

This mini-series traces the life of one of the icons of American fashion. In France, his name does not tell us much, but he really marked the era of the 1970s and 1980s in New York. Unfortunately, he did not have the same fate as one of his rivals, Calvin Klein. But at the time, his name was synonymous with fashion, sex, luxury. In short, of all possible excesses. Except that one day, in spite of himself, he will have to fight for his fashion empire following a hostile takeover. But above all, for his name!

For us French, his status is somewhat equivalent to that of an Yves Saint-Laurent and everyone wants to wear his creations. Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor or Liza Minelli. He is also one of the first to have declined his name in different products like perfumes, bags, accessories. Until he managed to sell his creations in the most modest households.

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Do we watch or do we skip?

To watch, of course. The 5 episodes, much too short for our taste, are worth the detour. Ewan McGregor really manages to be one with his character. So much so, that we don't see the actor himself anymore/ He is well assisted by Bill Pullman and Rebecca Dayan, a local actress.

Another good reason to watch the mini-series is the character himself. Almost made for a movie, so eccentric and romantic is he! The kind that is not made anymore, with thousands of ideas and the means to realize them. But also with the dark side of fashion, far from strass and bling-bling, far from a series like Bold Type.