Harlem or the resurrection of Sex and the City


It's been a long time since we heard about Carrie and her friends, their love affairs and Big, Prince Charming... It's normal, after several seasons and two more or less successful movies, the series ended in good form. But it left a void in the landscape of series... Logical then that years later, another series tries to take the torch (and the audience). In this case, it is Harlem, whose pitch is very close to that of Sex and the City...

Harlem, black district of New York, is where we find our 4 heroines. They are four long-time friends, each with her own background and each with her own dreams. There is Camille, a young professor at Columbia University. She knows all about love relationships in different cultures. However, she can't seem to find her Prince Charming. Tye is the creator of a successful dating app for gay women. Quinn is the rich, romantic fashion designer. And Angie is the singer/actress trying to break through.

They all have their own problems, but when it comes to sticking together, they always respond. Yes, it looks more and more like Sex and the City. And we hope that the sauce will take and offer a quality show.

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Available since December 3rd, the seriesphiles seem to be rather satisfied with the result.