Hawkeye, the new Disney+ spin-off


Disney never stops making spin-offs of all kinds in its Marvel universe. The latest one is the one that focuses on the character of Hawkeye, Hawkeye Eye. Played by Jeremy Renner on screen, Hawkeye went from a secondary character to a real protagonist of the MCU universe in the space of a few Avengers movies, as well as Vision or the Black Widow.

In this series, Hawkeye / Clint Barton sets out to find his family for Christmas. In his quest, he will be helped by Kate Bishop, a 22 year old girl. She also wields a bow like Hawkeye, and of course, she wants to become a superhero. In fact, her nickname Hawkeye comes from her ability to hit the bull's eye with an arrow bow. They will work together to foil the plans of a villain from Clint Barton's past who is threatening the holiday season.

This MCU series is part of Disney's stated desire since 2018 to expand the universe (and also to make the franchise buyout profitable) through several miniseries.

In this series, Jeremy Renner makes the costume of the superhero. To accompany him, there is Hailee Steinfeld (Kate Bishop), Tony Dalton (Jack Duquesne) and Vera Farmiga (Eleanor Bishop).

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Another surprise, Alaqua Cox who plays Echo in the Hawkeye mini-series will be starring in her own mini-series. At least that's what Disney+ officials announced on Disney+ Day!