Hit Monkey, the story of the killer macaque

Hit Monkey

Hit Monkey is an animated series offered on Disney+. The series is based on Marvel's Hit Monkey, a hit monkey who becomes a legendary assassin with the help of his mentor.

Direction Tokyo and its malfamous districts where fear and the underworld reign. In this slum, lives a monkey. Trained by the ghost of an American assassin, he perfects his martial arts skills. He hopes to take revenge, one day, on a criminal organization that has decimated his clan. Indeed, Hit Monkey has not always lived in Tokyo. Before that, he lived in a forest on the island of Honshu, in peace with his entire clan.

The animated series offered by Disney+ returns to this period in the history of the Hit Monkey. Indeed, the latter has a place in the world of Marvel and he could cross paths with Deadpool, Bullseye and others. But this part of his life is not the focus of the current 10 episodes. That may come later if the series finds its audience.

It is Fred Tatasciore who lends his voice to the macaque. Not very well known, some will recognize his voice, already used in many cartoons. On the other hand, we find the voices of Jason Sudeikis (Bryce, the mentor) and George Takei (seen in Star Trek).

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The series promises to please a lot of people, as long as they appreciate the genre. Indeed, the animations are clean, the style is neat, the scenes are fast but still funny. The only thing left is the blood management, because there will be a lot of hemoglobin on the screen...