How do you raise a superhero? With a new season in February!

How to raise a superhero season 2

It seems that the beginning of this year 2022 is the period of releases at Netflix. Indeed, many series see their new seasons released in the coming weeks, such as Space Force. This is once again the case for this series: How to raise a superhero. The announced date is the 1er February 2022.

For the moment, we do not know much about this new series, except that it should plunge the viewer two years after the eviction of Jason Ritter. The platform with the red N has not yet unveiled a trailer, but it should not be long!

In the official synopsis, we learn that Dion will continue to tame his powers. To do this, he can count on the help of his mom and Tevin. He will also make a new friend, Brayden. Brayden also has extraordinary powers. But with that comes new dangers. Dangers that weigh on the whole city of Atlanta and not only on the family that Dion and Nicole form....

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