My name is Groot, another MCU series

My name is Groot

As the months go by, seasons are released in the MCU and Disney+ exploits each character as much as possible. We saw this with Moon knight or even Miss Marvel. At the beginning of August, we have the right to the release of a series dedicated to the coolest tree in the universe: Groot.

From series, it is rather a mini-series. Indeed, it will only be composed of 5 episodes and each of them will be a short film. So there will be no links or logical continuations between each episode. Even if Groot will always be the central character of the story.

In addition to Groot, the series will reveal many characters, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, but always unusual. As we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy.

To give life to the shrub and allow him to speak, he needed a voice. In the series, as in the movie, it is Vin Diesel who does the baby Groot version and James Gunn for his adult version.

Last thing to know, the episodes will be released simultaneously on August 10th. Unlike other series, there will be no waiting from week to week for a new episode.

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