Innocent, the new Harlan Coben


We recently talked about it, Netflix has signed an exclusive deal with Harlan Coben to transpose some of his works to the screen. Several adaptations are already available, including Safe, Intimidation or Dans les bois. Each of the works reproduces rather faithfully the universe of the writer and does not take anything away from the suspense. In particular, if you have not "yet" read the books...

The synopsis

In Innocent, the innocence of the hero is put to the test. A sort of police thriller like the ones they made two decades ago.

Matt has seen turbulence before. Nine years ago, he got into a fight that ended in a homicide. The last few years have been a struggle, but now Matt wants to pick up where he left off with his wife Olivia.

One night, she calls him, upset while she is on a trip. Matt doesn't know what to do and decides to go after the truth. When the police take the investigation in hand, she doubts again her innocence and the suicide case!

What we think

Rather than a movie, the work is adapted here in the form of a mini-series, just like for Intimidation. The format appeals because it offers moments of suspense and allows the chapters to be well chopped up and to have a better immersion in Harlan Coben's universe.

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It must be said that here too, the dark atmosphere makes one's hair stand on end and one can no longer fall asleep.

As for the cast, it is again very good and above all very well directed by Oriol Paulo who knows how to get the best out of the scenes. Note that the staging is great and does not reveal any superfluous element to the course of events.