Is the Good Doctor series available on Netflix? >Yes

good doctor available netflix

When it comes to medical series, American cinema has something to satisfy us. Among the big past productions, we can remember the famous ER or the famous Doctor House and the unavoidable Grey's Anatomy and its spin-offs. More recently, it is the younger generation, with New Amsterdam and Good Doctor that have taken over, with a slightly different practice of medicine.

What is the story?

Good Doctor is the story of a gifted young doctor who arrives at a fancy hospital. Released in 2017, the medical scene was mostly occupied by Grey's Anatomy.

But Grey's Anatomy is mostly The Young and the Restless, with a hospital as the backdrop, and not really medical cases. As a result, there was a real niche available for a new project. Except for a few elements, it's the same niche that New Amsterdam will invest with Ryan Eggold a few months later.

As you will have understood, the series gives pride of place to medical cases, interventions, etc. Fans of hemoglobin and rare diseases will be delighted.

But Good Doctor also contains secondary stories. These are mainly focused on the different protagonists. Relationships, tensions at work or promotions to obtain, there is material to make some episodes.

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That said, the great strength of the show is its main character, Dr. Murphy. He may be gifted, as has been said, but he also suffers from Asperger's syndrome. A type of autism. In fact, his relationship to the world is totally different. He's not going to interact with his co-workers like one would "normally." Ditto with his relationship to patients.

This inevitably creates tension. Especially when you're in a hospital that wants to maintain a certain standard. But it is also an opportunity to bring this disorder to light. To clear up prejudices and to show that it is possible to accept the other.

In this respect, New Amsterdam does the same with its character Dr. Iggy, a psychiatrist. Rare are the series that will offer screen time to this type of disorder!

Finally, we must admit that the casting meets all the current criteria. Each character is sufficiently stereotyped so that everyone can recognize himself in the series and in one or more characters. An unavoidable fact in recent years.

The Good Doctor series, available on Netflix?

Good Doctor is indeed available on Netflix. For the greatest pleasure of the subscribers! In total, there are 4 seasons that are within reach of the viewer's remote control and that only ask to be watched. Knowing that the series exists since 2017, we will be up to date when we will have reached the end of the last episode.

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Especially since the series is produced by ABC, The American Broadcasting Company. We have 4 seasons with between 18 and 20 episodes each, and each episode is 40 minutes long. So it will take a few evenings before we get to the last episode!

And then, if you are still hungry for other series, you can fall back on the side series we mentioned earlier, especially with New Amsterdam which is also available on Netflix.