Is the manga Attack of the Titans available on Netflix?

l'Attack of the titan

In the manga section, there are cult series, such as Sailor Moonand the series that are about to be. This is the case of Attack of the Titans! With 34 volumes written and 4 seasons to its credit, the series has everything to become one of the references of the next years.

What is the story?

Basically, Attack of the Titans is a manga. The series is adapted from it, of course.

To understand the story, you must know that a hundred years before the beginning of the story, Titans have almost wiped out Humanity. The Titans are giant humanoid creatures that eat men. A bit like the Kaijus we see in Pacific Rim. If they kill humans, it's not for food, but rather by instinct. And of course, they are almost indestructible. You have to make a deep incision at the base of the neck for them to die. For the rest, they can take damage and regenerate...

To face them, the men are entrenched behind high walls. 3 to be exact. So many barriers defended by garrisons that can concentrate in one point to attack the creatures. So it's a defense army, mainly, with a garrison on the walls and special units to keep order inside the walls.

Attack of the Titans
The first two seasons of Attack of the Titans are available on Netflix

But there is also an "exploration battalion." These men must go outside the walls and reconquer the lost territories. Except that the task is complicated and has little success. This column has little recognition by the people.

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The story focuses on Eren, an orphan whose mother was eaten, who joins the 104th Exploration Battalion. He has friends, Mikasa and Armin. Mikasa is a little genius, calm in all circumstances. Armin is physically weak, but compensates by his genius of strategist. While Eren is gifted for hand-to-hand combat and has a very strong will. Between them, they form an atypical trio, but very complementary.

They are the ones who will carry the fight and lift the mysteries that surround the Titans!

Attack of the Titans, available on Netflix?

Yes, it is available, but not entirely. Indeed, Netflix France has the episodes of seasons 1 and 2 as well as the first part of season 3. However, the series has 4 seasons!

And it is not immediately that the sequel should arrive, as Netflix has not advanced any date of availability for the future of the series.

However, these episodes are already available in other parts of the world, especially in Asia, where the series is very successful! So we will have to be patient while waiting for the next episodes of the series. Probably, the time that Netflix obtains the broadcasting rights of season 4, still being broadcasted on Japanese TV.