Jimmy Savile, the new Infamous of Netflix

jimmy savile

Lately, it seems that Netlfix has found a new niche to exploit. That of scammers and bad company. There was the Tinder scammer, the Anna Sakarov docu and even the one about the worst roommates. In April, Netflix follows up with a British sexual abuser: Jimmy Savile. So we go to a new stage, a little more creepy.

Scheduled to arrive on April 6, 2022 on the streaming platform. The mini-series will focus on the sordid character that is Jimmy Savile.

Yet, there was no indication of this. Because in the UK, the character is mainly a TV presenter that everyone loved. It was only after his death in 2011 that the infamous truth emerged. An investigation uncovered no less than 450 allegations of sexual assault. Some victims were young, others even younger: small children. A true predator who went unnoticed!

Those who are about to watch this documentary should be prepared for the worst, as the trailer already makes no compromise on the content of the mini-series.

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