Jupiter's Legacy, the end

jupiter's legacy not renewed

The news just came out. Jupiter's Legacy will not be renewed for a season 2 by Netflix. It was necessary to suspect it a little considering the way the series was brought on the platform. It seems that even Netflix did not believe half of it... Its end is almost as sad since this information goes almost unnoticed in the media.

Jupiter's Legacy is still a big investment for Netflix. No less than 200 million for the one and only season since the series is not renewed. In comparison, a season of sci-fi on The CW costs between 60 and 100 million dollars.

Jupiter's Legacy is not renewed

Netflix's project with this series was to create a group of credible superheroes from which to develop a universe. Like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, etc. Because it must be admitted, in the superhero department, Netflix is a little lacking in reference... While Disney +, for its part, releases derived series in turn. A lack that Netflix wanted to fill, but that it will not be able to concretize.

Since the launch, we felt that the sauce did not take and that Netflix was uncomfortable. The first returns were mixed. Worse, it is one of the series with the lowest ratings this year. The ratings weren't there either. In short, it was a (very expensive) shot in the arm. But there is no doubt that Netflix will make up for it with another series very soon!

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