Katee Sackhoff invites her fans to watch her series over and over

Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff has managed to make a name for herself and a career in science fiction series. She plays a strong woman with character, capable of leading her troops.

Today, she is the showrunner of the Netflix series Another Life which exploits the sci-fi niche. We have already talked about the series quite frankly and the majority of the critics seem to follow the same opinion. In fact, it was logical to think that the series would end after two seasons. Especially since the final episode of the second season completes the historical arc.

Without spoiling anything, Humanity makes its decisions and opts for a clear policy towards the new visitors that are the Achaias. It will be left to discover if the war is open or if the hosts are welcomed on Earth.

Katee Sackhoff would love to see a third season of Another Life commissioned, but for that to happen, the fanbase must follow.

That said, a recent tweet from Katte Sackhoff has raised doubts. Would a season 3 be possible for Netflix? Are the ratings good enough? We understand between the lines that the series is in the balance and that a little help from the community is not refused.

In any case, the star invites his fans to watch the series until the last episode "to discover the end"! And if possible, watch them quickly enough. Incidentally, if you watch it several times in a row, she is not against either ...

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And for good reason, she admits that Netflix's algorithm detects if you binge watch a series. As well as the speed at which you do it. From these elements, the algorithm determines if you enjoyed, or on the contrary not enjoy, the series. For the time being, enjoying the series and watching an episode every now and then apparently doesn't help at all.