Legion, fantasy series on Disney +


Legion is an American fantasy series. It has 27 episodes of about 40 minutes and features the character of Legion from Marvel Comics.

As we know, Disney bought the MCU a few years ago with billions of dollars and intends to make this investment profitable. However, this series was produced by FX Productions, a branch of 21st Century Fox. This does not prevent Disney+ to recover the series.

Legion is what we call an anti-hero. He is the son of Professor Xavier of the X-Men and suffers from a multiple personality disorder. His name probably comes from a passage in the Bible where a demon is named Legion. In the comics, each of Legion's personalities has a power. One is telepathic while others master pyrokinesis and telekinesis. A mutant with multiple powers, but each one cannot express himself alone.

The series focuses on the character while he is locked up in a psychiatric hospital for schizophrenia. Which he is, after all... And he is well aware of it since he has stayed in different clinics. But after an encounter with another patient, he understands that it is not schizophrenia, but another disorder. It is not a mental illness, but rather a gift.

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To interpret the different characters, the production has called Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, among others) in the lead role of Legion / David Haller and Rachel Keller who distinguished herself in Fargo and who plays Sydney Barrett, the girlfriend of David Haller.

The three seasons will be available on Disney + on August 27.