Mentiras, lies in Spanish sauce


Mentiras is the Spanish adaptation of the series "Liar. In other words, for those who enjoyed the English-language series, there won't be much new under the sun... Except for new actors and an adaptation to stick to the Spanish reality.

As a result, we are transported to the island of Majorca, off the coast of Spain. It is there that we discover Laura Munar, a high school literature teacher. Her life is rather banal and, to leave her daily life, she agrees one day to go to dinner with the father of one of her students, Xavier Vera. The man is a surgeon and has a good reputation. But the day after she goes out, she wakes up sick... She suspects Xavier Vera of having drugged and raped her. But he denies categorically!

The whole first season revolves around this evening, and discovering the truth. There will be many unexpected twists and turns to keep the suspense alive. A bit like Elite did for its first seasons, knowing that it is difficult to make the series evolve when you already know the outcome.

To give credit to the series, Atresmedia has called Angela Cremonte for the role of Laura Munar. We know the actress since she played, convincingly, in The ladies of the telephone. To give him the line, it is none other than Javier Rey (Axe).

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Scheduled for release on March 9th on the red N platform!


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