Locke & Key, season 2 available

locke and key season 2

The first season of the Locke & Key series had made a lot of noise. Another film adaptation of a literary bestseller, it took 12 years to reach the screens. As it is there, it will never leave.

Moreover, Netflix has already confirmed that a season 3 would take place since it has received the green light from the platform. So it's only a matter of time before we can have new episodes to watch. And this, even without having (probably) seen the season 2 that arrived a few days ago.

In any case, the showrunner announced that the adventures of the Locke family would continue to be incredible!

In the cast of this second season, we obviously find the majority of those who were in the first season of Locke and Key. Bode, Tyler, Kinsey, Nina and the others will all be there. Some actors like Aaron Ashmore and Hallea Jones have also passed the test and are confirmed for the sequel. Brendan Hines joins the cast, as well as Liyou Abere who will act as a guest star.

For those who don't remember much about the cliffhanger, it was revealed that Dodge was still alive and ready to continue his hunt for the keys. And even if the omega key is safe for the moment, nothing says that it will remain so. We won't go any further to avoid giving away any spoilers. Even if these are available on the net, and in any case have existed for a long time in the books.

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