Locke & Key, season 3

Locke & Key season 3

The new season of Locke & Key is released this August 10th. The series has been online for a few hours and is already causing havoc on the net with the comments of Internet users.

It must be said that the continuation of the series was widely expected! Indeed, this is the final episode of the series and many mysteries (all of them, in fact) should be solved. Each episode contains the last fragments to understand the last mysteries. You should not miss a single moment of it, of course!

If this is the last and final season, it is still surprising. Indeed, the series Locke & Key was a nice success and we thought that the platform would polish the format to the bone. Yet it stops there when there is a way to continue the story. These are the inscrutable voices of Netflix... probably!

Still, we find here the siblings Locke and that she intends to prevent Gideon from turning the town of Matheson upside down... To do this, they will have to find a new key (it seems) that allows them to control time. Apparently, this is the only way to get things back to normal.

But to find out if they will succeed or not, you'll have to go through the 8 episodes (instead of 10) that Netflix has concocted to finish its hit series!

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