Loki, the latest Disney+ series


Released a few days ago, the first season of Loki was expected by the fans. Expected too. It must be said that the multiplication of spin-offs linked to the MCU does not make only delighted people...

Thanks to its platform, Disney is able to diversify its offer and explore secondary characters that would not necessarily be bankable in the cinema. This was the case with the Falcon, with Wanda and now with Loki.

Loki is a mischievous character who was Thor's antagonist in the first films of the franchise. With his own series, Loki appears in a new light. Which is a good thing. In Endgame, we see Loki escape and run away with the Tesseract. But this escape is short-lived and he finds himself in the hands of the Time Variaiton Authority. An interplanetary organization that has only one objective: to watch over the Time Line. In its company, Loki will fight another dangerous time variant. He is a hero here, or at least shows a much less black personality.

The thing was not necessarily won in advance since it had always been shown in a bad light. But the writers led by Michael Waldron managed to turn things around. Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is a much deeper character. Fragile at times, selfish at others. As a result, he becomes much more endearing, at least in the two episodes we have already seen...

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For the MCU, Loki is a series that will expand the universe. Already by deepening the characters. But especially because it allows to explore the multiverse (like Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch) and thus to create new stories by freeing itself from the constraints of the current universe!