Lost in Space season 3 : what we already know

lost in space season 3

Lost in Space should come back one last time on Netflix for a third and final season. These episodes should thus close the story arc and offer us the answers to all our questions... Or not.

For the moment, little information has leaked about the series and what will be brought in the new episodes. Certainly, there is the official trailer that Netflix has put online a few days ago and that allows us to have an idea of what will take place there.

For the latecomers, or those who have forgotten the (mis)adventures of the Robinson family, here is a little recap of the story. While the Earth is on the decline, the population flees to a space colony. On the way, the transport ship is damaged and the family finds itself adrift on an abandoned planet. There, however, they encounter an alien robot that will prove useful, but also a hostile force. The episodes so far have followed the family's journey to Proxima Centauri b.

If we talk about a final season, it's because Netflix decided to cancel it purely and simply. Last I heard, the actors had tried to negotiate a sequel by reducing their salary, as for the series Good Girlsbut nothing seems to have done...

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The official release date is the 1er December 2021, so there are only a few weeks left to wait!