Lucifer, a modified season finale to prepare for season 6

lucifer season 6

We have been waiting for it for more than 6 months, the last 8 episodes of season 5 are available since recently. There is no doubt that most of the fans have already seen and digested all the information distilled during this season 5B. But, did you know that this ending was set up in anticipation of season 6?

Indeed, originally, Netflix did not intend to renew the series indefinitely. It had even scheduled its end right here. But with the enthusiasm of the public, Netflix intends to make a return on its investment of a few years ago. That's why a final season, the 6th, is planned for 2022. The scripts are already partially written, they still need to be shot and put in post-prod...

Season 5 finale sets the stage for a season 6 full of twists and turns

As a reminder, and spoiler if you have not yet seen the season finale, Lucifer occupies the place of God and saves Chloe Decker, in place of his Holy Father who has retired. All this, at the end of a fight between the two twin brothers and enemies ...

Except that this season finale was not planned. As Tom Ellis himself says in an interview given to Collider, it is a diversion. With the announcement of the renewal, the writers had to find a way to extend the series by a few episodes. We must therefore consider this new advent as an umpteenth rebound ... And not as the end of the series as such. This end, we will see it at the end of the season 6, which was the one initially planned...

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So, we can also imagine that the upcoming season 6 of Lucifer will be just as powerful as the previous ones. A treat for us!