Lucifer season 6 : an official release date

lucifer season 6

Season 5 of the Lucifer series that sees Scarlett Estevez and Lauren German alongside Tom Ellis ended a short while ago with an interesting ending. Spoiler: Indeed, Lucifer took control of heaven after defeating his twin brother and bringing the lieutenant back to life. The only thing left to do was to find out the outcome of the series in the final season.

And this is what awaits us soon, since Netflix has revealed the release date of the series on the platform. It is during the Comic-Con in San Diego that the American firm chose to reveal it.

The series will come back to us sooner than expected since the announced date is September 10th.  A very close date, but that can be explained by the fact that most of the scenes were already shot, but still needed to be edited. Indeed, the addition of an extra season required to change the course of the story to create new episodes.

The last season will have 10 episodes. And it will sound the end of the series which will make its farewell. In the trailer, Lucifer announces that this "will be his last night in L.A." Will we have to get out our tissue box on a sad ending, or will it end in a happy ending thanks to some scripted strings?

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