Lucifer season 6 : the opinion of the internet users

lucifer notice

A few days after the release of the final season of Lucifer, many fans have already devoured all the episodes. How will the relationship between Lucifer and Lieutenant Decker end? It must be said that the fallen angel finally has his place in heaven (and what a place). He has to leave, without really wanting to. How will he solve his dilemma... Especially since he has just saved Lieutenant Decker and that one has his place on Earth.

Not to mention all the other characters, like Amenadiel who has built a life for himself on Earth and doesn't really want to leave it.

Even before starting the first episodes, we are already entitled to wonder how the writers will manage to untangle this knot... But above all, to offer a suitable, logical ending that suits everyone. In short, it is not won in advance to put the public on its side:

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