Lupin : the opinion of the internet users

Lupin Netflix

Lupin is undoubtedly the favorite series of Netflix subscribers at the beginning of 2021. Released on January 8 on the VOD platform, it is breaking almost all records. More than 70 million views according to the platform. This places the series with Omar Sy far ahead of The Lady's Game or the Bridgerton Chronicles.

So, without any surprise, if the series is called Lupin, it is necessarily in connection with the character of Maurice Leblanc. This famous gentleman burglar is back in the 21st century.ème century. And it is not without reminding the film of 2004 with Romain Duris which had a lot of success!

Except that here, the gendered aspect of the character is also broken by entrusting the role of Arsène to Omar Sy. The gentlemanly aspect of the character is also taken away since Assane Diop (Omar Sy) does not come from a wealthy family either. No, his motive is revenge. The one that follows the death of his father. And to achieve this, he will be inspired by his favorite character: Arsène Lupin.

As Netflix points out, the series is shaping up to be thrilling and a second part is already planned to satisfy subscribers' comments:

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