Lupin part 2 is coming soon

Lupin part 2

Released at the beginning of the year, Netflix had clearly left its subscribers on their end. A French series, with Omar Sy in the main role, but only a handful of episodes. It was enough for everyone to wait for the sequel. And it is planned very soon. Indeed, the release of part 2 should take place on June 11. We will find the actor in his role of gentleman burglar.

In this series, Omar Sy plays Assane Diop. Very young, he lost his father, unjustly imprisoned and dead in his cell. In a corner of his mind, he wants to take revenge on the real culprits. But to do so, he had to acquire special skills, worthy of a true gentleman thief. He also surrounds himself with some close friends who more or less willingly help him in his quest for justice. Of course, he fights against wealthy and powerful people who do not intend to be easily exposed.

In addition to the presence of Omar Sy, the cast of Lupin Ludivine Sagnier, Nicole Garcia, Hervé Pierre, Clotilde Hesme, Soufiane Guerrab are some of the names we can mention.

As the release of the second part approaches, Netflix decided to make its subscribers' mouths water. Result: a new trailer very attractive and breathtaking. To regret not being on June 10.

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As a reminder, the last episode of the first part ended on the scene where Assane Diop is looking for his son at the festival dedicated to Arsène Lupin. A place where obviously there was not only him, but also Ganimard, a cop fan of Lupin and the henchmen of Pellegrini, the nemesis of Arsène Lupin in this story.