Maid, a mini-series about an independent woman

maid season 1

Independent women, Netflix has already used in several series. The Queen's Game is a recent example. With Maid, this woman's painful journey is set in a contemporary world. To be seen and meditated upon.

The series highlights what millions of Americans experience on a daily basis. And let's not kid ourselves, millions of French and Europeans. The episodes are marked by those impossible choices to survive, because of financial compromises.

This is the adaptation of a novel that became a bestseller in 2019. So it was not necessary more for Netflix to buy the rights to transpose it to the screen. A kind of autobiography since the author, Stephanie Land, told her journey to escape her violent husband and raise her daughter through her job as a cleaning lady.

The series starts quickly since we attend directly to the escape of the marital home. With for only luggage, his daughter and some business typed in speed in a car. Alex must then manage alone. Some scenes are reminiscent of the Will Smith movie "The Search for Happiness". As we can note in the trailer put online by Netflix.

If some scenes turn out to be sometimes clumsy, sometimes shaky, they are nonetheless touching. As always, the budgets allocated by Netflix push the studios to make compromises, which leads to this kind of scene. However, the critics seem to welcome this mini-series that will certainly be talked about in the coming weeks.

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