Midnight Sermons, a closed-door thriller series

midnight sermons

If the title is not unequivocal, it does not foreshadow the theme of this mini-series and the tone that will be given. Indeed, Netflix considers it as a series of intrigue and horror, which will give us goosebumps when the evening falls!

What it says

The closed-door setting we are talking about here is an island. Of course, it is connected to the coast by a ferry, but when something happens on this island, it is difficult to escape. Especially since the community that lives there is like a big family. Everyone knows and trusts each other. That said, like many of these communities, this one is also in decay. It is slowly dying. In general, the children leave for the continent and only return for the holidays.

It is then that a charismatic priest arrives, which is a bit the trigger of the series. With his arrival, amazing things happen, but all surrounded by a part of mystery. A dark part that will not cease to grow and end up creating an anguishing atmosphere. All the more so as the small community begins to believe again. With fervor. Which is not without danger!

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What we think

As it will be released on September 24th, we don't know much about it yet, except what we see in the trailers. We have to admit that the soundtrack made us want to watch the first episode (and why not the sequel).
Especially since we find a rather nice actor, Zach Gilford. He is also known for having played in the series Good Girls. He was the father of Maddie / Benjamin. To give him the line, Kate Siegel, who knows the genre well.

It remains to be seen whether the pace will not be too slow and whether this mini-series will not get caught in its own trap by imitating a little too much the series of the same genre, taken from the books ofHarlan Coben.