Moon Knight : the opinion of the Internet users

moon knight

In the beginning, Moon Knight is a villain in the Marvel universe. We go back to the 70's where he first appears as the agent of a secret organization seeking to capture a werewolf.

Flashforward in 2022, Disney has taken over the franchise MCU and launches a brand new series based on this hero. Composed of 6 episodes, Moon Knight is inserted in the phase 4 of the universe and shares a continuity with the different movies of the franchise. Like other recent series, it tends to create an expanded universe with secondary heroes.

The series approaches Moon Knight under the angle of his identity disorder. Indeed, Steven Grant, Moon Knight in real life, has regular absences. Moreover, he is confronted with memories of a previous life. That's when he discovers that he is also Marc Spector, a mercenary. His different identities have to work together when they are confronted with the same danger linked to Egyptian mythology.

While there's no doubt that Marvel has a lot of appeal to audiences, has this miniseries managed to convince subscribers enough?

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