My Name, A new Korean series

my name netflix

"From now on, your life belongs to the Organization, whatever you do, the Organization will protect you." So begins the new Korean series released by Netflix. The second one has found a real echo in Europe since the beginning of the school year in September... So we had to deconstruct this new phenomenon.

It's only been a few days since the series went online, but it's already on its way to making us forget the previous phenomenon that was Squid Game. However, we do not promise that it will be much less violent. With a very dark pitch, it will delight the aficionados of the genre.

In this series, no more question of game where the elimination means death. Instead, we go on the register of revenge. A theme that we could already approach recently with films like Kate or even Sweet Girl. It all starts with the death of a man. His daughter, thirsty for revenge, decides to infiltrate a criminal organization to take her revenge.

We appreciate that the series decides to put forward a female protagonist. It is Han So-hee who embodies it. She manages to embody diametrically opposed characters in the space of a scene. Sometimes she is a young girl of 17 years vulnerable following the death of her father, sometimes she shows great maturity.

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As for the casting, the main actress is unknown, but there are some well-known faces in the secondary roles.