Narcos Mexico season 3 on Netflix

narcos mexico season 3

November is the month chosen by Netflix to release its new season of Narcos Mexico. The series has surfed on the craze for Narcos to take off. It must now convince!

If Netflix has chosen the month of November, it is also to give a little air to other productions. Indeed, the releases have been rich in October and December is already booked for part 2 of the Casa de Papel aas well as possibly Cobra Kai. Not to mention the flurry of Christmas movies...

The official synopsis already reveals some interesting elements. Thus, the series will take place in the 90s and will bring new characters. It must be said that Felix's empire has exploded and that the Mexican territory is now coveted by several independent cartels. Each one fights to survive, which leads to violence. Added to this is a political class that is, to say the least, changeable and can no longer be counted on. It is in this poisonous atmosphere that new figures appear...

On the casting side, we discover Carlo Bernard who replaces Eric Newman in the role of the showrunner. The other surprise is to find Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar in the series) behind the camera this time.

Finally, prepare your tissues, because Netflix announced that this season 3 released on November 5 would be the last of the series. An honesty of the streaming platform that allows us to enjoy even better these 10 new episodes.

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