Netflix uploads the latest episodes of Grace and Frankie

grace frankie

After 7 seasons of good and loyal service, it's time for the series to take a bow... But not before having made a last lap with brand new episodes. Indeed, at the end of April, April 29, 2022 to be precise, Netflix will put online the last episodes of the series. It will be the last opportunity to see Grace and Frankie, before possibly remaking a marathon in a few years.

Until now, subscribers had only been entitled to the first 4 episodes, without having a release date for the second part. Unlike other series, Grace and Frankie seemed to be left a bit on the side of the road. It must be said that the series has been around since 2015 and has already come a long way since then. Unlike what is currently being done for Snowpiercer, a series for which an episode is released every week. It is therefore logical that Netflix has played less on the communication for this series, which will not be renewed anyway. Nevertheless, with 12 new episodes, Netflix makes a nice gift to the fans of the series.

These 12 episodes will be the occasion to say goodbye to the duo played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

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