Never cold feet, a fresh teen series

never cold to the eyes

Released at the beginning of the year, this series is inspired by teen drama to build an audience. The setting: the ice rink. So, undeniably, it reminds us of High School Musical. Inevitably, it is the same audience that is targeted. And in the end, if we appreciate the series aimed at teenagers, a bit like the 100then there is no reason not to appreciate this one.

As we said, the series revolves a lot around skating. It's the story of Kayla, a young figure skater. Even though her talent is undeniable, her family doesn't really see the opportunities it could have. And by opportunity, we mean financial gain, of course. So they prefer to support her twin brother who plays ice hockey. In North America, it is a very popular sport that can bring in big money. Abandoned, she goes freewheeling, until she meets a mysterious boy. From there, we can imagine the continuation between flirtations and rivalries. But we can also observe her progression and her obsession to get out of the shadow of her brother Mac.

If the series doesn't reinvent anything and has a lot in common with Spinning Out, we still appreciate its fresh wind. And for us, Europeans, it is deliciously exotic since we know very little about the world of professional skating... Except maybe Candeloro !

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Series to be followed, especially if Netflix announces a second season that will allow to hook the public even more. For now, we must unfortunately be satisfied with the first few episodes and a possible announcement of the American platform!