New Amsterdam: What is this medical series worth?

New Amsterdam Notice

Netflix has recently added a new series to its catalog. A medical series moreover. It is true that when we look at what is available in the genre, we are relatively disappointed. No Doctor House or Grey's Anatomy in sight. So this one is good for the aficionados. But what is it really worth?

It should also be noted that the series is not produced by Netflix, but the platform has purchased the broadcast rights. The series has also passed by TF1 and is therefore not completely unknown.

The story

We meet Dr. Max Goodwin. He has just been appointed to head the oldest hospital in New York, the New Amsterdam Medical Center. The hospital has had 5 directors in 5 years and is in need of a revival, suffering from underfunding.

Netflix has acquired the rights to broadcast a medical series

The actors

A lot of known faces, starting with Ryan Eggold who plays Dr. Goodwin. We remember him mainly for his role of Tom Keen in Blacklist. He is very well supported by Janet Montgomery, whose leading role in Salem is remembered. It is certainly not a dream casting, but the duo forms a good engine with some nice secondary actors that we like to find.

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What we like... and what we don't like

2 seasons, 40 episodes, enough to satisfy our appetite. A far cry from the meager 5 episodes of Lupin.

We also appreciate the realistic, not bling-bling side of the series. The kind that sticks to reality, with touching and realistic medical cases, approaching less "interesting" hospital services like psychiatry.

On the other hand, what we can reproach it for is perhaps not investing enough in pathos towards the actors. Certainly, the private life of the different doctors is discussed, but much less than in Grey's Anatomy, for example.