News from season 5 of La Casa de Papel

casa de papel season 5

After their robbery of the Mint, Tokyo, The Professor and the others did pretty well. But they needed more and to show that they were capable of much better. So they took us on a new adventure.

As a reminder, they had entered the Federal Reserve of Spain to steal all the gold under the nose of the intelligence services. It must be said that they had a grudge against their manager. But the end of season 4 didn't help us much since all the characters were still trapped inside and the gold still had to come out. This last season was released on April 04, 2020. That's why Netflix ordered a final season to Alex Pina who has since focused on other projects. Namely, White Lines and Sky Rojo.

Will they have a happy ending?

One year later, we should see the arrival of the last season, the final. With a little delay since the Spanish filming studios remained closed for a long time because of the pandemic. But in the last few days, the news about the series has become more precise... Indeed, Miguel Herran has "said goodbye" to Rio. The shooting would be thus a priori finished, at least for him.

Currently no release date has been made official, which leaves a doubt. Indeed, the series will inevitably be a hit at its release and will monopolize the attention of Internet users. Except that for Netflix, there is no question of losing viewings of other programs on its agenda. Thus, Lucifer must be released at the end of the month, Lupin is announced for the summer and other big series are still to come. In this busy calendar, we will have to find a little place for our favorite bank robbers!

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