Nine Perfect Strangers , the series with Nicole Kidman

nine perfect strangers

After Julia Roberts in the series Homecoming, Amazon prime Video offers a series with another queen of the cinema: Nicole Kidman. The series in question is Nine Perfect Strangers.

This series is not exclusive to Prime Video, it is a program whose rights belong to FX Productions. A company owned by Disney itself. But in this case, rather than landing on Disney+, the series lands on both Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

The release date of this mini-series is set for August 18 on Hulu and then August 20 on Amazon Prime Video. It is on the latter streaming service that we can watch the series in France.

In the cast, we have Nicole Kidman who plays Masha Dmitrichenko, a woman full of mystery and who owns the Tranquillum House. To support her, we find other big names of the cinema like Bobby Cannavale (also present in Homecoming), Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, or Regina Hall. All these characters meet together for a 10-day retreat in the center directed by Masha Dmitrichenko. The goal is to heal and transform people into a better version of themselves. But the Tranquillum House is not what it seems and they find out soon enough.

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The program raises a lot of questions, because the trailer did not reveal any strong elements. Of course, we know that all is not well in the health center, but we still have no idea of what is really going on there! What makes subscribers want to click on Play!