No season 2 for the series Cursed

Cursed season 2

Released in 2020, the series Cursed was cancelled the following year. Because of the lack of support from the public and therefore a disappointing audience.

The series approached the mythology around King Arthur. Or rather, approached the evolution of one of the key characters of this story: the lady of the lake. Her name, Nimue. In the series, she is played by Katherine Langford who held the main role.

As a reminder, and for those who haven't seen this series, Nimue is one of many tribes with powers. At least, they are not related to humans. As a result, they are the prey of a Church with a strict doctrine that sees them as aberrations that should be sent back to hell as soon as possible with the purifying fire of the pyres.

Cursed will not have a second season

So yes, the Church does not quite have its place in the Arthurian story and the adaptation to the legend is relatively free. The adaptation is also free from the novels from which it is inspired, even if the thread of the story is quite well followed.

But the series will not have met the expected success. Netflix hoping to create excitement around the character and a rather original story. Instead, the streaming platform will invest in the series of Witcher. But also to Sweet Tooth which exploits more or less the same niche.

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