Without a word: the return of Harlan Coben on Netflix

Without a word

It is a well-known news, Harlan Coben has signed an agreement with Netflix for a collaboration. Without a word is the newborn of this collaboration after dother titles released in 2021 already.

In the same vein, the series is adapted from a novel byHarlan Coben and mixes lies and personal secrets to weave its story. From episode to episode, doubts settle in the viewers' heads before the last episode reveals all the mysteries.

This new series entitled Hold tight in the original version and Without a word in the French version was released on the American platform this April 22, 2022 and has already been a hit with fans of the genre. It must be said that the writer is a very good asset and he manages, as in his books, to make his characters live.

The characters in the series live in a quiet residential neighborhood, as one might imagine. They are friends with their neighbors, get along with the neighborhood in general and lead a quiet life. Until one day... an 18 year old boy, Adam, disappears without a trace. This disappearance shocks the neighborhood and it is then that everything changes. The parents no longer trust each other. They try to protect their children, while some of them desperately try to find their friend.

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Finally, it should be noted that the production comes from Poland. The main actors are therefore totally foreign to us (Leszek Lichota, Magdalena Boczarska, etc.)


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